“I’ve had chronic back pain for years, and regularly get chiropractic adjustments. I began seeing Michelle for Core Synchronism treatments in 2017. The treatments have significantly helped reduce my back pain (and the number of chiropractic adjustments), as well as providing an incredible level of relaxation. When I leave, I feel as if balance has been restored in my body and my mind. Michelle’s touch, and her intentions for my healing, are so focused, gentle yet powerful.  I highly recommend this healing modality, and am grateful to have Michelle here in Fort Collins.”    – Leane G., Fort Collins, CO

“My healing sessions with Michelle are incredibly powerful. She is an amazing healer with focused attention and gentle confidence in all that she offers. While being completely relaxed and at peace, I can feel her moving stagnant energy throughout my body and bringing a sense of balance and alignment to my entire being.  I also had very beautiful insights come to my awareness offering me guidance about new creative pursuits in my life. After our sessions, I feel lighter and more focused, as well as significantly increased clarity and positive energy.” –Christy G., Fort Collins, CO

“With great sensitivity and skillfulness, Michelle weaves the threads with practical, hands-on-help to make the necessary changes that transformation and liberation require. The safe and loving container that Michelle creates allows for deep feeling and clear seeing in a loving, judgment-free zone. Michelle’s kindness and compassion, along with a sharp and penetrating mind, make her work deeply effective and powerful. At least a year of therapy and healing can happen in a few sessions with Michelle. I have been doing this healing work with Michelle by phone, from the comfort of my home, and the results have been fantastic! Highly recommended.” – Lee H., Staatsburg, NY

“After going through a stressful time in my life, I was suffering from anxiety and jaw pain.  During my sessions with Michelle, she carefully explained what she was doing and why.  After just one session, I had significant jaw relief and felt lighter and more joyful.  Her core synchronicity work seemed to be the catalyst for lasting and powerful improvement in my overall well-being decreasing my anxiety and releasing stress and negative emotions.  I would highly recommend Michelle.”   –Michele S., Fort Collins, CO

“I had been suffering for days with a severe muscle spasm in the muscles around my right hip, which was debilitating. I could barely walk and I was at a constant level “7” pain, often flaring up to a nine. Michelle worked with me for 90 minutes, using core synchronism and deep tissue massage.  Her intuition coupled with her fantastic skills guided her throughout the session.  There were times when therapeutic discomfort was necessary and Michelle kept a constant line of communication with me. After a day of rest and following Michelle’s recommendations, I am 99% better. I am absolutely blown away that in less than 24 hours after going through hell, I feel completely normal. My mobility is back and I have no pain. I also experienced a deep emotional release on the table and Michelle was very skillful in allowing space for this and making it a totally safe experience for me.  I always choose Michelle when I have a particularly sensitive or challenging issue. I trust her completely.” —Paula K., Fort Collins, CO