When we are born, we have over a billion stem cells!  By age 35, we have lost about 60% of stem cells, and by age 60, our stem cells have decreased by 90%!  This is why we don’t heal as fast, and why our recovery from injury, illness, and even strenuous exercise is so much slower as we age.

What if there were an affordable and natural way to support stem cell activity? What if there were a way to “turn back the clock” on aging so you could experience the energy, health, and vitality of your youth?  

Lifewave’s X39 is a patented and unique light therapy patch that, along with proper nutrition, supports healthy stem cell activity. 

The X39 is a non-transdermal, wearable patch about the size of a round band-aid.  It is safe, affordable, and incredibly effective!  LifeWave is a scientific research and development company founded in 2004 and our CEO David Schmidt is a genius scientist/inventor and holds over 130 patents.

Do you wish you could look, feel, perform, and heal like you did in your youth? Experience the power of light and your body’s own self-healing capacity with the X39. Experience the power of Lifewave! Click on the link below to read about the Science behind our unique photo-therapy patches.



Elevate, Activate and Regenerate with LifeWave Patches

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