Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is a gentle hands-on practice for synchronizing the physical and energetic bodies with the movement of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid and breath. Cerebro- spinal fluid is the carrier of the life force in the body. Produced in the brain, it circulates through the body and re- absorbs in the body in a similar fashion to ocean tides. The body’s physical structure, when healthy and aligned, accommodates this flow. When not aligned, pain or other symptoms arise. Through gentle touch, the practitioner assesses which organs, bones or fluids are not moving correctly and guides them back to healthy flow and function.

Core Synchronism can work with every system of your body (including the skeletal, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous system, and cardiovascular systems) to synchronize—or bring into balance — the subtle rhythms of bones, organs, brain, and nervous system with the movement of the cerebro-spinal fluid and breath.

Whether you’ve experienced an emotional trauma, a physical injury, or you’re just feeling “out of sorts”, Core can help restore your sense of balance and well-being. When a part of us loses its relationship to the Core rhythm (movement of the cerebral spinal fluid), this out-of-balance condition may, if left uncorrected, lead to discomfort, stressful emotional states, inflammation, and eventually, pain. A Core Synchronism treatment restores balance on all levels – mental/ emotional, etheric (energetic) and physical. When that happens, one deeply relaxes, and harmony is restored as the body is able to use its life energy to heal itself.

What can I expect during a Core Synchronism treatment?

During a Core treatment, you lie comfortably on the table and remain clothed. Since Core treatments are deeply relaxing, you may fall asleep, which in no way reduces the potential effectiveness of the treatment. You will feel the gentle touch of the practitioner’s hands on various parts of the body, including the head, feet, spine, and areas related to the locations of pain and discomfort. Through palpation and then interpretation of the movement of a body part, organ, or structure, the Core Sync practitioner uses gentle touch to facilitate the synchronous relationship between one part of the body and another.

The purpose of a Core treatment is to help balance the body so the life energy of the body itself can heal whatever is out of balance.

Core can address such diverse imbalances as:
  *  Stress
  *  Anxiety
  *  Physical injuries
  *  Head trauma
  *  Pain (chronic and acute
  *  Pre and post-op healing
  *  Side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation
  *  Pregnancy discomforts
  *  Auto-immune disorders
  *  Mental and Emotional traumas
  *  Grief

There are no contraindications to having a Core Synchronism treatment, including acute or chronic illnesses. There are no age limits. Core practitioners have helped people of all ages from newborns with birth trauma to people transitioning into death.

What might I experience or feel after a treatment?

Everyone is different and there are many possibilities. You might feel better right away or be highly energized the next day. It is possible you may experience some discomfort or fatigue during the 12-48 hours after the treatment. These responses indicate that positive change is taking place in your body as you heal.

How many treatments will be required?

It is not possible to predict how many treatments it will take to resolve a problem. However, as a general rule, recent problems are usually resolved more quickly. When dealing with older (chronic) issues, more treatments may be required to help the body remember what is normal. The client’s response to treatment and the therapist will determine how many and how often sessions are needed.

How did Core Synchronism evolve?

Robert Stevens (NTS, ND, CCSP), director of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics ( in Albuquerque, NM developed Core Synchronism. After many years of study and practice of Polarity Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy, Robert realized that the cerebral spinal fluid was where these two systems overlapped, where the etheric body interacted with the physical body. He developed a new model with the basic understanding that human beings are composed of both an energetic body and a physical body and both need to be addressed. From this understanding, Core Synchronism was born.

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