Integrated Acupressure

Integrated Acupressure Technique™ (IA) is an acupressure-based energy system of healing which helps the brain and body find balance to support optimal function of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. New science, such as that explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book, The Biology of Belief, reveals that our old subconscious recordings and beliefs–acquired early in childhood– have a powerful effect on our choices and behaviors in our present life.

Releasing negative beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not safe,” and creating new supportive beliefs can result in powerful positive changes in our lives, when we make our choices from the new beliefs.

While it is extremely important to change subconscious negative programming, it is equally important to shift our energetic vibration to a higher, healing frequency. Lower energetic frequencies create imbalance, blocks, and dis-ease. Higher energetic frequencies create balance, a flow of supportive energy, and overall health.

Entirely flexible, IA can address a wide variety of issues and bring the possibility for positive change to all aspects of one’s life, including work or school, relationships, finances, recreation, health and fitness and one’s spiritual connection.

You may choose Integrated Acupressure to help with:
Pain relief
Anxiety and stress relief
Grief and loss
Losing weight and body image issues
Brain performance challenges
Lack of motivation
Poor self-esteem
Relief from negative thoughts and emotions
Transforming limiting subconscious beliefs
Enhancing your intuition
Releasing blocks on the mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual levels

Integrated Acupressure treatments are received fully clothed and are safe, gentle, and deeply relaxing.

Contact Michelle Neils to schedule an appointment: (970) 889-4063. I offer a complimentary 10 minute consultation by phone to determine if we would work well together.